Objectives and main contents of the Master


The Master aims at equipping participants with the necessary tools to cover professional roles of high responsibility, both in terms of political-decisional and operational duties, in the context of enterprises working in the three above-mentioned fields at the local, national or international level, as well as within national, EU or international institutions, bodies or agencies operating in the same sectors. In particular, the foreseen activities make the Master’s degree particularly attractive for those candidates aiming at working as legal consultants for private enterprises or as professionals of high-technical profile in enterprises or entities operating in the fields of environment, health or food.


Regular and pro-active attendance to the Master’s Degree in Health, Environment and Food: European Law and Risk Regulation will allow participants to gain high-level technical-legal knowledge about risk regulation, with respect, in particular to the increasingly important fields of the protection of the environment, the protection of health and food safety. To this purpose, participants to the Master’s programme will indeed analyse the relevant legal frameworks and policies at the international, EU and national level.


The Master’s course is built upon three main components: lectures and workshops, operational and practical complementary activities, individual study.


During the first part of the Master, professors coming from renowned Italian and foreign Universities, national and international officers, as well as professionals working in the relevant fields, will give lectures for a total amount of approximately 500 hours.


Classes will be mainly taught in English and will be structured so to allow the greatest interaction and active participation by students.


Lessons will be articulated around the following thematic modules (on which, see more under the “contents” section):


- Module A Actors, sources and instruments of international and EU law


- Module B Risk regulation. Law and Politics


- Module C Risk regulation in the field of environment, health and food


Module C.I   – Environment and risk regulation

Module C.II  – Health and risk regulation

Module C.III – Food and risk regulation


The Master has been organized in collaboration with: